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Do your eyes seem unusually dry? Do you find yourself constantly blinking or rubbing them in an effort to produce moisture? Unfortunately, you’re not alone.

A recent study reveals that 90% of Albertans suffer from Dry eyes, many of whom don’t even know that’s the cause of their itchy eye woes. The study found that 57% of people with dry eyes aren’t doing anything to treat or manage their symptoms, which can dangerously lead to tissue damage and impaired vision.

These are startling numbers. Don’t wait; book your next eye exam today.


The eyes require moisture at all times to function optimally. They stay lubricated by producing tear film – a moisture layer made up of water, oils, and mucus. When this tear film is compromised – by either lack of tear production, imbalanced layers of moisture, or lack of one of these elements – the result is dry, itchy, uncomfortable eyes.


In addition to an abnormality in how the eye produces tear film, other causes of dry eye include increased tear evaporation and decreased tear production can be caused by:

  • Age
  • Certain autoimmune diseases such as diabetes
  • Certain medications
  • Dry or smoky conditions
  • Menopause or other hormonal shifts
  • Allergies
  • Ill-fitted contact lenses
  • Laser eye surgery


At Infinite Eyecare, we’ll begin by conducting a thorough examination to get to the root cause of your dry eyes. We’ll then discuss a treatment or management plan with you which, may include the following:

One of the most common causes of dry eye is meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). MGD occurs when there are blockages in the meibomian glands which prevent them from delivering oil called meibum to the tears. 

LipiFlow delivers heat through thermal pulsation to free blockages and treat dry eye. The mixed treatment of heat and pulsation alongside vectored targeting ensure effective, even treatment.

LipiScan allows us to take high-definition images of your eyelid to diagnose the exact cause of your dry eye. Often used to diagnose evaporative dry eye due to meibomian gland dysfunction, LipiScan helps us analyze your eyelid health and develop a treatment plan.

Medicated eye drops can relieve dryness, inflammation, and allergy symptoms. Prescribed by an optometrist, these eye drops can help provide relief from your symptoms.

Artificial tears are eye drops that mimic your own tears. You can purchase them without a prescription, but before using them, you should discuss your symptoms with your optometrist.

Sometimes tears drain through the eye ducts too quickly to retain moisture on the eye, leading to premature or increased evaporation. In this case, punctal plugs (small implants placed into ducts on the upper and lower lids) may be recommended. The plugs are easily removable if you suddenly have an excess of tears.

If you wear contact lenses, we’ll carefully examine your eyes to assess if both the brand and the fit of your contact lenses are the right option for you. There are several types of contact lenses available, switching your brand to a more water-soluble or daily disposable option may correct your dry eye symptoms.

According to a new study, a combination of omega-3s and antioxidants may reduce dry eye symptoms for some patients. The introduction of more water and foods with large concentrations of omega-3, such as fish, almonds, and leafy green vegetables, as well as quitting adverse lifestyle factors such as smoking, can also help.

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Akriti Bhardwaj
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