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At Infinite Eyecare, we believe that everyone deserves to see the world with absolute clarity. Our mission is to champion the pursuit of perfect vision, offering state-of-the-art eye care solutions, personalized experiences, and a commitment to excellence. Every gaze, near or far, should be clear and filled with wonder. With us, your vision is limitless.  Our goal? To serve children, adults, and seniors, providing solutions while recognizing everyone’s sight is unique and different.


We provide information, monitor your progress, and help you take prevention initiatives to keep your eyes performing well.

We use leading technologies and equipment to help assess and monitor your eye conditions.

At Infinite Eyecare, we are dedicated to providing an eye care plan tailored to your needs. We suggest advice, solutions, and options for optimal vision care and offer treatment plans for conditions such as dry eyes.

Our team of professionals provides personalized, sound, and beneficial advice, along with top-notch care and value. We collaborate with other health care providers, giving referrals when needed to ensure you’re receiving holistic healthcare.

Our full line of fashionable eyewear offerings provides quality craftsmanship and variety, so you can find the perfect frames for your style. We pride ourselves on providing ongoing care along with comprehensive eyewear services.


Our mission is to offer our clientele all of this and more— today and every day.


We demonstrate integrity and follow our core eyecare values with both our team and the people we serve.

We continually strive to improve. Excellence is key to taking pride in our work and providing high-quality service.

Our focus is on delivering premium care. Our trustworthy team consistently delivers results with high regard for accuracy and a strong work ethic. We can be relied on to bring energy to our profession every day.

Our team is not only dedicated to you, but to each other. We ensure our workplace is filled with respect, solidarity, and fun. One team member’s success is everyone’s success, so we strive to help one another thrive.

We aim to be lifelong learners, always staying on top of the latest breakthroughs in our field. Our team welcomes feedback and is open to change in pursuit of the best results.

Delivering on our promise of first-rate service is important to us, so we hold ourselves responsible for achieving results. We follow through on our actions and keep our promises. We’re constantly developing and growing to serve you better.

Our capable team is committed to finding the best options and solutions for you. This means we look for answers with all the resources available to us.

OUR Services...

Eye Exams

At Infinite Eye Care, we pride ourselves on conducting comprehensive eye exams to consider all aspects of your vision.


At Infinite Eyecare, it’s important to us that all eyes remain happy and healthy. That’s why our comprehensive eye exams are the best.

Diabetics Eye

All eyes require comprehensive care, but diabetic eyes require special attention. Since diabetic eyes are more susceptible.

Contact Lens
Exams Fitting​

There are several reasons to opt for contact lenses as an alternative to glasses – including comfort, convenience, and lifestyle.

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What Our Patients Say

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Akriti Bhardwaj
Akriti Bhardwaj
Kudos to Dr.Jassar and all the staff members! The best place to get eye exam :)
Manbir chahal
Manbir chahal
Best treatment provider by Dr. Jassar, Very satisfying.
Marlene Alexander-Huxter
Marlene Alexander-Huxter
I can’t say enough good about Dr.Jassar and staff . Anything they can do to help you , they are right there . I wish to thank them for another wonderful visit , at which time things were explained extremely well !
Jen Boland
Jen Boland
My four-year-old got in to see the optometrist with a referral the same day, answered all my questions and were very gentle, patient and kind with her.
Baldev Ghoman
Baldev Ghoman
Everyone of the staff were very friendly and helpful also very informative to all of my questions about my eye checkup.
Victoire Yanse
Victoire Yanse
They give an amazing service!!! I’ve been at the infinity eye care three times and cannot complain. They’re taking their time to satisfy patients and show so much support towards them. They’re friendly which making customers feel comfortable. Also the music there is insane; it makes you not wanting to leave:) If you want my honest opinion, I would say don’t hesitate!!! You won’t regret❤️

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