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When you need trustworthy and reliable eye care, look no further than Infinite Eyecare. Conveniently located in Millwoods, our friendly and experienced team prides itself on providing each patient with excellent vision services and superior customer service.

We take great pride in our work. When you are a patient at Infinite Eyecare, you can rest assured that your vision is in the best hands. Book an Appointment Today and leave the rest to us.

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Born in India and raised near Edmonton, Dr. Jassar has called Millwoods his home for most of this life.

Dr. Jassar earned his Bachelor of Science at Concordia University in Edmonton, then moved to Puerto Rico, where he completed his doctor of optometry degree in 2011.

Upon returning to Canada, Dr. Jassar practiced with a LASIK surgeon in Fort McMurray, where he was able to continue to expand his knowledge base. In 2013, he returned to Millwoods and started a practice at Infinite Eyecare.

While Dr. Jassar has gained extensive experience through his education, he always keeps at the forefront of eye health and advanced technology to optimize care for his patients.

Dr. Jassar is fluent in Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu. During his time in Puerto Rico, he gained a working knowledge of Spanish and can perform eye exams in Spanish as well.

Dr. Jassar is a proud member of the Alberta Association of Optometrists, the Alberta College of Optometrists, and Eye Recommend. In his spare time, Dr. Jassar enjoys golfing, travelling, and spending time with family and friends.


An FDA-approved treatment, Latisse® has been proven to increase the length and thickness of lashes. Book an appointment with our optometrists to discuss the treatment and its side effects and to determine if LATISSE® treatments are a good fit for you.


Infinite Eyecare uses the most up-to-date eye care technology to help us provide you with unparalleled eye care and help us detect eye diseases in their earliest stages. We use the following eye care diagnostic, imaging, and testing technology:

Considered the gold standard intraocular pressure test (IOP) and the most widely accepted method of testing eye pressure in the eye care industry, this is an important device for testing and detecting glaucoma.

A quick flash of light produces a digital image so we can gain insight into the health of your retina. From there, we can discern the effects of high blood glucose levels, detect any retinal tears or detachment, and identify diabetic or age-related diseases.

This machine scans the eye and uses light waves to produce cross-sectional images of the layers that make up the retina. This gives us a clear picture of any threats to the retina we should be concerned about.

We use a specialized fundus camera to record images of the interior surface of the eye, like the retina and macula. This allows us to monitor any changes to these areas and keep an eye out for potential problems.


At Infinite Eye Care, we’re here for you. Your concerns are always valid, and no eye care question is off-limits. Have questions about certain eyewear frames and lenses? Want to discuss eye disease concerns in more detail? Have a question about Latisse? Our optometrists and the entire team take the time to ensure your experience at Infinite Eyecare is both enjoyable and positive.

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If you have optical insurance, we will help you with all required paperwork and billing. Just give us your insurance details, and we’ll take care of the rest. We accept and direct bill several insurance, including:


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Eye Exams

At Infinite Eye Care, we pride ourselves on conducting comprehensive eye exams to consider all aspects of your vision.


At Infinite Eyecare, it’s important to us that all eyes remain happy and healthy. That’s why our comprehensive eye exams are the best.

Diabetics Eye

All eyes require comprehensive care, but diabetic eyes require special attention. Since diabetic eyes are more susceptible.

Contact Lens
Exams Fitting​

There are several reasons to opt for contact lenses as an alternative to glasses – including comfort, convenience, and lifestyle.

What Our Patients Say

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Akriti Bhardwaj
Akriti Bhardwaj
Kudos to Dr.Jassar and all the staff members! The best place to get eye exam :)
Manbir chahal
Manbir chahal
Best treatment provider by Dr. Jassar, Very satisfying.
Marlene Alexander-Huxter
Marlene Alexander-Huxter
I can’t say enough good about Dr.Jassar and staff . Anything they can do to help you , they are right there . I wish to thank them for another wonderful visit , at which time things were explained extremely well !
Jen Boland
Jen Boland
My four-year-old got in to see the optometrist with a referral the same day, answered all my questions and were very gentle, patient and kind with her.
Baldev Ghoman
Baldev Ghoman
Everyone of the staff were very friendly and helpful also very informative to all of my questions about my eye checkup.
Victoire Yanse
Victoire Yanse
They give an amazing service!!! I’ve been at the infinity eye care three times and cannot complain. They’re taking their time to satisfy patients and show so much support towards them. They’re friendly which making customers feel comfortable. Also the music there is insane; it makes you not wanting to leave:) If you want my honest opinion, I would say don’t hesitate!!! You won’t regret❤️

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